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Solar power has hit an all time high in the United States, but it is now plagued by over capacity,

January 3, 2012
January 4, 2011

The True Cost of Green Jobs

Katrina Currie is a guest blogger and works with the Commonwealth Foundation. Increasingly, policies that are detrimental to the overall

January 4, 2011

California’s energy/climate policy is the very one championed by Enron and Ken Lay from 1988 until the company’s demise in

January 4, 2011

Last Monday, the Wall Street Journal had a special section on Energy with the lead essay, “How to Change the

December 6, 2010

The New York Times has come to grips with the economic realities of renewable energy.  Matthew Wald and Tom Zeller

November 8, 2010

The Obama Administration continually warns Americans that if we don’t swallow energy taxes, mandates and government-forced conservation, China will defeat

October 28, 2010
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