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Similar to Exxon’s world outlook, BP’s energy outlook expects natural gas, oil, and coal to remain the dominant forms of

February 16, 2016

The International Energy Agency (IEA) recently released its World Energy Outlook 2015. The report forecasts world energy production and consumption

November 16, 2015

On October 4, the United Kingdom’s wind turbines produced almost zero electricity during the early morning hours. The UK has

November 12, 2015

President Obama recently delivered a speech on energy in Las Vegas at Sen. Harry Reid’s “Clean Energy Summit.” Like much

August 26, 2015

Hillary Clinton recently announced two energy goals that she would undertake as President: By the end of her first term, more

July 31, 2015

On April 14, 2015, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) released its Annual Energy Outlook 2015 with projections through 2040.[i] Assuming that the

April 16, 2015
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