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A recent headline on Bloomberg announces, “Cheap Oil Is Bad for the Economy (At Least, So Far).” The assessment is

July 23, 2015

Many people have been led to believe that renewable forms of energy such as wind and solar must be very

July 20, 2015

Ten years ago, U.S. utility industry experts would not have expected coal to rank second to natural gas in electricity

July 10, 2015

The Obama administration just announced a 20 percent goal for U.S. electricity to come from non-hydropower renewable energy by 2030.[i]

July 7, 2015

Many companies such as Apple and Google claim that they get their electricity from 100 percent renewable sources. At best,

March 24, 2015

Last November, President Obama reached a climate agreement with China where he agreed to reduce U.S. carbon dioxide emissions by

January 22, 2015
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