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There are various versions of the “peak oil” theory, but for decades it garnered high-fives because it had been right

April 8, 2015

Offshore oil and gas is booming. And it is sustainable, driven by consumer demand for the best of energies in

May 7, 2012

Guess what? America could have enough oil resources to meet today’s oil demand levels in the future for decades without

September 20, 2011
July 7, 2011

Shale Oil vs. Peak Oil

J. Howard Marshall II had heard it before in his decades as an industry scholar, regulator, and executive: We are going

July 7, 2011

As crude oil prices continue their upward march, American motorists are understandably anxious to know the reasons. In previous posts

April 14, 2011

The 18th century British scholar Thomas Malthus believed human population growth was unsustainable because he thought that population growth was

March 8, 2011
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