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Low oil prices have increased purchases of gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles. Sales of gasoline and diesel vehicles rose 18 percent

July 15, 2016

One of the common reasons people claim to support wind and solar technologies is to reduce dependence on foreign sources

February 29, 2016

Earlier this week, Exxon Mobil released its energy outlook, forecasting that global energy demand will grow by 25 percent by

January 28, 2016

President Obama has had to punt on his electric vehicle goal – the United States did not put one million

June 5, 2015

Electric vehicles are being built because governments are mandating that automobile manufacturers build and sell electric vehicles. However, that does

January 26, 2015

Automakers found that American consumers prefer to purchase trucks and crossover SUVs rather than passenger cars, even though gas prices

September 12, 2014
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