The Institute for Energy Research is a not-for-profit organization that conducts intensive research and analysis on the functions, operations, and government regulation of global energy markets.

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November 19, 2015

Apocalypse Not, Krugman

Responding to the terrorist attacks in Paris, economics Nobel laureate and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman urged Americans to...
November 19, 2015
November 13, 2015

UN Admits Paris Money Grab

Back in May, I warned IER readers of just how much money officials from the United Nations wanted to wring from...
November 13, 2015
President Obama received another commitment from a developing country last week for the United Nations climate conference in Paris in...
October 6, 2015
Earlier this month, CATO published the Working Paper on carbon taxes that I co-authored with climate scientists Pat Michaels and...
September 29, 2015
Climate Agreement is Good PR for China; Bad Deal for America WASHINGTON — President Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping...
September 25, 2015
Veterans of the climate policy debate have known for years that no matter what, those worried about emissions can take...
September 17, 2015
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