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Earlier this month, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized its regulations on carbon dioxide emissions for existing electricity generating units,

August 12, 2015

A recent story from Seattle showcases the absurdity of the attempt by a few vocal intellectuals to convince U.S. conservatives

August 11, 2015

As debate intensifies around the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) proposed carbon dioxide rule, EPA’s supporters are pushing back against claims

April 14, 2015

In his recent speech on climate change at the United Nations, President Obama stated: “Over the past eight years, the

October 3, 2014

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) has released its report on the Obama Administration Working Group’s development of “social cost of

August 29, 2014

Recently, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a new regulation that mandates the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions from existing

August 7, 2014
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