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Back in 2010, President Obama admitted that Congress and the American people had rejected a cap-and-trade program but that there

December 15, 2015

Energy Ventures Analysis (EVA) just released its analysis of the EPA’s “Clean Power Plan” (CPP), which mandates a 32 percent reduction

November 19, 2015

According to AAA, California has the highest gasoline prices in the United States.[i] There are several reasons for this distinction.

October 16, 2015

While the United States is closing coal mines, India is opening a coal mine a month in order to double

October 12, 2015

President Obama received another commitment from a developing country last week for the United Nations climate conference in Paris in

October 6, 2015

Earlier this month, CATO published the Working Paper on carbon taxes that I co-authored with climate scientists Pat Michaels and

September 29, 2015
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