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When EPA was working on their fuel economy mandate for cars and trucks from the year 2017-2025, they promised American

December 15, 2016

President Obama has aggressively pursued government regulation of energy through the Mercury and Air Toxic Standards, the so-called Clean Power

March 31, 2016

In articles here at IER and at other sites, I have previously explained some of the “unintended consequences” of popular

October 29, 2015

There is a small but vocal group who persistently tell conservatives that they should support a carbon tax. One of

June 12, 2014

Tonight President Obama will give his fifth State of the Union address, and the first of his second term. Among

February 12, 2013

In automobile design, there is a trade-off between efficiency, horsepower and mass (safety) that manufacturers must deal with in coming

February 11, 2013
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