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January 15, 2016

Obama Administration Bankrupting Coal

January 15, 2016
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Obama’s Moratorium on Coal Leases is the Shot Heard Round the West 

WASHINGTON – Institute for Energy Research President Thomas Pyle issued the following statement after the Obama administration announced plans to put a moratorium on new coal leases:

“Throughout his time in office, President Obama has shown complete disregard for the communities and the people left in the wake of his ideological climate agenda. The pattern couldn’t be clearer. Having already destroyed the livelihoods of Appalachian families, the president is now moving to the citizens of the West with this moratorium on coal leasing. The president is perfectly content to destroy the livelihoods of anyone who doesn’t subscribe to his ideology or share his values. For many Americans in the West, the administration’s actions will kill existing jobs and prevent new jobs, raise the cost of living, and damage their way of life.

“This attack on affordable energy doesn’t end with coal. The administration will use this announcement as a springboard to halt oil and natural gas leasing, all in an effort to make his favored energy sources the “preferred” energy sources. As the sun sets on his presidency, this administration has once again made clear that they have no intention of slowing down their costly agenda — no matter who it harms.”

new IER study shows how opening our federal lands and waters to oil, gas, and coal leasing would increase economic growth, wages, jobs, and federal, state, and local tax revenues. Key findings include:

  • GDP would increase by $127 billion annually in the next seven years, and $663 billion annually in the next thirty years
  • $20.7 trillion cumulative increase in economic activity over the next thirty-seven years, simply by allowing Americans to go to work producing energy
  • 552,000 jobs would be created annually over the next seven years, with 2.7 million jobs annually over the next thirty years
  • $32 billion increase in annual wages over the next seven years, with a cumulative increase of $5.1 trillion over thirty-seven years
  • The federal government would receive an additional $3.9 trillion in federal tax revenues over thirty-seven years, while state and local tax revenues would rise by $1.9 trillion over the same time period.

To speak to an IER expert, contact Chris Warren at [email protected] or 202-621-2947 

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  • Resist_Tyranny

    Hang in there. What those leftist gangsters do is kill your industry, buy it up cheap, and then claim it’s the best thing since sliced bread. We must eliminate corporate corruption in government. One way to do it is outlaw lobbying, but SEVERE punishment for those who would sell their government influence is in order as well as rewards for those who turn them in.

  • clem

    i was a union miner at one time and there are a few really ,uh, radical people who probably give obama a lead present if they could. i think he’s pushing their buttons too much already. when someone destroys your livelihood and eventually your family and your life ,sometimes people snap.why couldn’t they have just phased out coal gradually and let these miners finish their life’s employment ? i don’t agree with the idea that coal needs to go instantly or at all, but it won’t be the AMERICANS who cause the global warming to continue. look up some of the conditions in china, they have pollution so bad in some places that you can’t hardly see. and i don’t think they have any pollution controls on their power plants . do you think they care about global warming ? nope ! and how much do you think your electric bill will increase to pay for construction of new or retro-fitted power plants ? we ,here, just got notice our water bill will increase 25 % soon ! why ? my guess is that all these utilities haven’t put money aside over the years to pay for replacement of old systems and construction of new ones . so guess who’s going to get rocked with bills that may take food off tables or other personnel tragedies because those management personnel just kept using up all the income without thought thought to the future . and now we have to pay for their stupidity ? why, we didn’t screw up ! it’s plain disgraceful what higher ups can get away with and pay no consequences ! and they answer to no one . how do they sleep ? if they had any sense of guilt for their wrong doing they should be jumping out of their posh offices in their ivory towers . but where will you see them . in church. what a waste of their time ! it’s a wonder some churches don’t just explode when they walk in !

  • MrInterpid

    Just another good reason Nigabomma needs to go.

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