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September 22, 2010

IER Presents its Case on Markey Hearing

September 22, 2010
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WASHINGTON – In advance of today’s House Select Committee on Energy Independence Global Warming hearing on the global clean energy race, the market-based Institute for Energy Research (IER) released prepared testimony, which details important facts often overlooked in the national conversation on energy.  To read the full testimony, click here.

“It is nothing short of misleading for the Administration and Congress to tell the American public that China is ‘beating us’ in the race to produce green energy,” said IER President Thomas J. Pyle. “In reality, China is dominating the world in all forms of energy—particularly their coal, hydropower and nuclear efforts, which bury their commitments to so-called green sources.

“While the U.S. government holds hearings on China’s success in the ‘clean energy’ race, China is burning three times as much coal as the U.S., building 24 nuclear reactors to our two and has double the U.S.’s hydroelectric capacity,” Pyle continued. “China uses its hawkish energy plan to spur economic growth while the U.S. government deliberately works to increase the price of energy—and, thus, the price of everything in our economy. This contrast suggests, at the very least, that the Obama Administration and some in Congress are applying a very strange set of priorities to the governance of this nation.”


September 22, 2010
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