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September 7, 2016

ICYMI: Donald Trump Cites IER Study in National Security Speech

September 7, 2016
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ICYMI: In a speech today about national security, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump cited an Institute for Energy Research study titled, “The Economic Effects of Immediately Opening Federal Lands to Oil, Gas, and Coal Leasing.”

The study, authored by Dr. Joseph Mason of Louisiana State University, assesses the economic benefits of expanding development of oil, gas, and coal resources on federal lands. This includes the potential revenue impacts, job creation, overall GDP growth, and additions in overall economic activity.

In his remarks, Donald Trump stated:

“Finally, we will have at our disposal additional revenues from unleashing American energy. The Institute for Energy Research cites a “short-run” figure of as much as $36 billion annually from increased energy production.”

Trump cited this study in previous speeches, noting that opening up federal lands for energy exploration would:

  • Increase the GDP by $663 billion annually in the next thirty years
  • Increase annual wages by $32 billion over the next seven years
  • Increase economic activity by $20.7 trillion over the next thirty-seven years
  • Generate $3.9 trillion in federal tax revenues over thirty-seven years
  • Generate $1.9 trillion in state and local tax revenues over thirty-seven years

Click here to see the full study.


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  • Carl McWilliams

    Please allow me to add to this Institute for Energy Research discussion, the “Five Point” energy plan from economist Steve Moore of the Heritage Foundation:

    1. Allow fracking on federal lands, except in environmentally sensitive areas.*

    2. National pipeline infrastructure.

    3. LPG export and new oil refineries, regional based.

    4. Stop war on coal.

    5. End subsidies on all forms of energy.

    What is not discussed in the Trump camp is the fact
    American made solar energy (PHOTOVOLTAICS- sunlight-to-DC electricity)
    has reached the threshold whereby no federal solar tax-credits are
    needed to subsidize solar energy in the free market. What American
    solar energy needs under a Trump Administration is access to small
    business entrepreneurial capital and access to the long term capital

    American solar energy is a jobs creator for millennials and I hereby publicly make this challenge to the carbon energy sector: When a Trump Administration eliminates all federal subsidies on all form of energy, (coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear and renewables), while providing access to long term capital (bond) markets to the end users/purchasers of solar energy; American solar energy will win in the free market place over oil and gasoline and the internal combustion engine.

    Carl L. McWilliams
    Sociologist & Independent Economic Developer

    Glenwood Springs, Colorado USA 81601

    in Garfield County, Colorado is an “Environmentally Sensitive Area” and
    should be declared off limits by the Trump Administration.

    • Resist_Tyranny

      Solar energy is not viable and will not be for decades, possibly scores. It is a scam in fact.

      • Carl McWilliams

        Dear Mr. Tyranny:

        To reiterate from my original post: American built, (not Chinese imports) Solar Photovoltaic Energy has reached the conversion percentage threshold of sunlight (photons) to DC electricity of over 40% and is “on-the-shelf” in North Carolina.

        Please allow me to introduce you to the American scientist/entrepreneur who developed the 40% PV technology and will win a Nobel Prize in science and become known as “The Bill Gates of Solar Energy”, Dr. John A. Rogers,

        I have been a solar energy contractor/developer for over 35 years and I herein again lay down the gauntlet to BIG OIL: With Dr. Rogers’ 40% conversion, I can split domestic water at home and fuel the new hydrogen fuel cell/electric motor vehicle the Toyota Mirai in the residential garage. My Millennial customers will never visit a gasoline station to purchase your carbon based fuel:

        I don’t need federal tax-credits to kick your ass BIG OIL, just the free market operating under the economic model of American Capitalism in a Donald J. Trump Presidency. I am going to finance the “hydrogen-from-solar” system in the normal residential mortgage. I’ve been financing solar energy systems in FHA/VA 30 year mortgages since 1983. I intend to do the same with the “hydrogen-from-solar” system without the need for solar tax-credits and any other govt. subsidies with my start-up:


        One more point BIG OIL: When the long term global capital markets properly understand your business model with EROEI (Energy Returned On Energy Invested) analysis, from well head to gasoline pump, global capital will flood to my solar energy model.

        With that said BIG OIL we can both agree that if Hillary is elected, life as we both know it is over and global Marxist/Keynesian socialist will have won. Therefore I am actively pledged to the election and success of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States. I know we can both agree on that!

        Carl L. McWilliams
        Glenwood Springs, Colorado

        • Carl McWilliams

          Yesterday, at the Economic Club of New York, Donald J. Trump demonstrated to the entire planet that he is constructed of presidential lumber. Intentionally seated behind Mr. Trump were his two
          distinguished economists. At his right, Larry Kudlow and at Mr. Trump’s left, David Malpass.

          During the speech, Mr. Trump mentioned both the

          Accordingly, I am leveraging the moment to point out to Kudlow and Malpass that the Trump Energy Plan is silent on civilian nuclear energy and that energy space’s YUCCA MOUNTAIN train-wreck and Mr. Trump’s plan for clean coal? What if Mr. Trump is questioned during the upcoming debates about his policy on civilian nuclear waste and the now decommissioned YUCCA MOUNTAIN plan for geological entombment? What if Mr. Trump is questioned during the debates about coal and clean coal as the Kudlow/Malpass Energy Plan is also silent regarding any 21st Century direction for coal and the American coal miner?

          To answer the YUCCA MOUNTAIN question, contact the Las Vegas Newspaper, the Las Vegas Review-Journal and request a copy of a twenty-year-old article:

          [“Radioactive Waste? – Don’t bury it, torch it”, Las Vegas Review-Journal, Monday February 26, 1996, Page 1B.]

          In the 20 year old article you will read of Dr. Louis J. Circeo and the PLASMA TORCH. At GEORGIA TECH UNIVERSITY, Dr. Louis J. Circeo developed the plasma arc technology, whereby high level nuclear waste is “vitrified” and then may be safely stored for millions of years, thus solving the nation’s civilian (Yucca Mtn.) debacle on the safe treatment and storage of high level nuclear waste. [Georgia Tech University “PLASMA ARC” Director of Development, Emeritus.]

          To answer the clean coal question please allow me to introduce Dr. Arun Basu. A scientist for the GAS TECHNOLOGY INSTITUTE in Chicago, Dr. Arun Basu is the leading global developer in converting COAL-to-DME, a gaseous fuel similar to propane but competitive with diesel and DME emits no
          greenhouse gasses upon combustion. THE

          I remain respectfully pledged to the election and success of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States,

          Carl L. McWilliams
          Sociologist & Independent Economic Developer
          Glenwood Springs, Colorado USA 81601

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