Take Action: Tell the Obama Administration that America needs economic growth to get the economy moving—not additional job-stifling regulations.

Unemployment is over 10 percent, but the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is moving forward with expensive regulations that would require all facilities that could emit 250 tons per year of carbon dioxide to get permits from EPA. This would include 25 percent of the country’s office buildings, 50 percent of all lodging, 37,000 houses of worship, 17,000 farms, and virtually every building in the manufacturing sector. These permits would cost $125,000 each. These expensive regulations would will stifle economic growth and kill jobs in the US.

Regulating carbon dioxide would further increase unemployment while adding confusion, cost, and delays to those looking to create or expand business. The effects will be widespread, hurting local economies. We need to create jobs in this difficult economic time, not put additional burdens on our nations employers.

EPA wants to regulate carbon dioxide and is using strong-arm tactics to press Congress to pass cap-and-trade, which will further increase energy prices and kill jobs.

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