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November 12, 2009

Facts Are Stubborn Things

November 12, 2009
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Last week the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee voted 11-1 to pass the Kerry-Boxer cap-and-trade energy tax.   Some of the Committee’s members wanted to delay that vote until the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) conducts a complete economic analysis of the bill’s expected costs to American consumers and the nation’s economy, but Committee Chairman Barbara Boxer refused to wait, arguing that EPA has already done a “full-blown analysis” of the legislation.

Not true, as you can see here.

This week Senator John Kerry, the lead author of the legislation, told the Senate Finance Committee that “the reason” we need to pass his cap-and-trade energy tax is that “over the last eight years, emissions in the United States of America in greenhouse gases went up four times faster than in the 1990s.”  Also not true.  In fact, he’s off by a factor of 32.

As the video shows, greenhouse gas emissions increased far slower in the 2000s than the 1990s. According to data from the Energy Information Administration,[1] U.S. carbon dioxide emissions increased by 15.14% between 1990 and 1999, but from 2001 to 2008 carbon dioxide emissions only increased by 1.88%. If Senator Kerry were correct, U.S. carbon dioxide emissions would have increased by 60.5% over the last 8 years, but they only increased by 1.88%.  Senator Kerry overestimated U.S. emissions by a factor of 32.

These are the authors of the Kerry-Boxer cap-and-trade energy tax legislation.  If our leaders can’t stick to the basic facts to support their argument for a national energy tax, and the lead author of the bill is this far off the mark on “the reason” Congress needs to pass it, Americans might reasonably question the validity of their estimates on how much the bill will cost them and our nation’s already-struggling economy.

Even more troubling, Senator Lindsey Graham is now working with Senator Kerry on a “compromise” in which Senators’ would accept the cap-and-trade plan in exchange for “opening new areas for offshore drilling.”  This would have been a bad compromise last year, but given the fact that the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) is now open—and has been since Congress allowed its ban on offshore drilling to expire on October 1, 2008—it appears to be an even worse compromise this year.

If the compromise is anything like the “Gang of 10” plan offered last year in the months before the Congressional ban on drilling in 85 percent of the OCS was set to expire, the only thing we’d be compromising is the progress we’ve already made. That’s because the Gang of 10 plan would have created a permanent ban on drilling in 78 percent of our offshore areas—areas that are now open.

But at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what the compromise may be.  The long-term costs cap-and-trade legislation would inflict on our economy and our way of life would be so devastating, that no compromise – offshore drilling or anything else – would justify its passage.

[1] The total includes the row titled “Total Energy” and “Electric Power Generation.”

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  • Michael Greer

    There is NO “global warming” and CO2 is NOT a pollutant. It is, IN FACT, necessary to life.

    This has never been about reducing CO2, it’s about control and redistrabution of wealth. WE MUST STOP THIS.

  • don shankle

    I am amazed how “smart” people can come up with the “bunk” that our current batch of representatives create and expect Americans to swallow it.

    What in the world are they thinking? First of all, we are in a global “cooling” trend, and have been for the past 10 years.

    Secondly, what guarantee to we, the American people, have that other nations will conform to any degree of reductions of carbon emmissions (specifically China and India).

    Thirdly, if we can’t depend on worldwide support, no matter how forceful a treaty may be, then who suffers? Why American business, American industry, American consumers, American jobs, and American households!!

    At what cost are these “idots” in Congress willing to put on “American heads?”

    This is total lunacy!
    Don Shankle

  • Charles Brandon

    Senator Kerry is a malingering idiot. He’s a first class liar, cheat and Communist.

  • Cap and tax has nothing to do with the environment and everything to do with power and control by a few elitists.

  • Linda Hebert

    It is incredible that they lie about nearly everything and expect people to trust them. I am totally against this cap and trade tax. My personal opinion is that they are not that stupid, that they know exactly what they are saying and are saying it to hoodwink us. Unbelievable! Corruption abounds!

  • Dan Gunderson

    Cap and Trade does nothing to lower energy costs to the consumer. Through research I have learned that residental utility prices will double. To reduce oil imports we need an energy policy that lets us use natural gas, coal, nuclear power, wind, and solar. We have enough natural gas and coal in the uSA to last hundreds of years. Cap and Trade is not the answer we need for an energy policy or greenhouse gas reduction.

  • David Ethier

    Please kill the Cap and Tax Bill. Instead let’s start drilling and expanding nuclear energy.

  • Vern Eaton

    The Cap and Trade (Tax) legislation is nothing more nor less than a scam. CO2 is not a pollutant – it is a basic need for life on this planet. Unfortunately, my weasel of a Senator here in South Carolina, Senator Graham, is not smart enough to realize that the whole Cap and Trade deal is a scam and he thinks he can make a deal with the devil (compromise with the dems) and gain something of value in the process. They’ll lead him down the garden path and hang him out to dry in the end.

  • Ronald Lemke

    I’m totally against Cap and Trade period. I fully believe the lack of petroleum in this country will one day be the final blow on the United States economy and hurt our national security. Its only a matter of when will this happen, not that it might happen.

  • Roberto Martinez

    These fricking peoples need to put America’s interest first . People right now are out of work and paying entirely too much in taxes of all kind , we do not need anymore taxes added on to what is already too much ! Is China passing a cap and trade act on their part ? Why do we American have to do it all by our selves ? Just start drilling here now , before we all go bankrupt !!!

  • Joan

    I can’t believe the idiots holding office in this day and age. Where did common sense go? Why are they in such a hurry? Are they afraid the general public will not go along with them? Are they afraid they will not win if they give people the time to read and digest these bills. Have they forgotten that they are our employees? We pay them. They work for us not the other way around. Well as far as I am concerned they all should be booted out, allow the new ones 2 terms max and there gone. New faces, new ideas and listening to the people who pay them, is what we need, not this “I KNOW WHAT IS BEST” attitude and therfore it will be done my way as quickly as possible before the publc realizes it has been had.

  • Anita Quinnelly

    If they pass this crap & tax bill, I don’t know how they think people will be able to pay for it. Like they say, you can’t get blood from a turnip.


    please DO NOT in any form pass the cap & trade bill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Larry Walsh

    The hypocrisy of our elected officials is beyond belief. Americans must elect 535 new congressional representatives and put term limits on each so our country can move forward with innovative ideas and not irresponsible ideas driven by power hungry politicians.

  • Why do these people hate America so much? Or do they believe they are all above us all? They should realize, if we go down as they wish, they go down also.

  • Roy McClain

    The Democratic Party is out of touch with America as proven by the Pelosi Healthcare bill passed last week in total disregard for cries from the people from tea parties across the land. Kerry and Boxer are but two of many that hopefully will be voted out in the next election so that reasonable statesmen can prevail.

  • craig boudreaux

    the senators and congressmen of this great nation need to be quiet and still and listen to the american public for a change and then go do what we ask. we do not want cap and trade – no one ( both liberal and conservative ) wants this. it has been a huge failure in europe and since when did we follow what other countries do anyway. al gore and his group will be the only ones to benefit from this destructive and un-american law(s). we are so angry and so fed up with the talk of raising costs and taxes. i cannot afford the same lifestyle anymore and i make the same amount of money i did 5 years ago. there is a fundamental problem in washington and that needs to be fixed first – politicians need to be beholden to the us citizens in their districts or suffer the consequences of being voted out of office. my grandfather, father, uncle, father-in-law, brother-in-law did not fight for our country so the politicians could hijack our country and try to control us, like we are children. believe me, we are not children and washington is waking the next sleeping giant and that is the american people. i cannot believe that there is no common sense in washington. such arrogance is how the politicians caused the downfall of rome – read a history book moroons. i need to go to the dr. to get my meds for my blood pressure and pay for it out-of-pocket now since i do not have health insurance. please come put me in jail for that. i want to take that case on all the way to the supreme court. can you tell how angry and upset i am. stop what you are doing washington and clean up your own backyard before you start trying to take care of mine.

  • David Richard

    How do we get rid of these people who are unable to comprehend the most simple of concepts?
    They all go by polls when they are running for office, but as soon as they are elected they totally ignore polls of the public showing time after time that they are completely against ‘tax and spend’ or in many cases, just spend… money we do not have.
    Since we are just about bankrupt you’d think these knaves would do something about that instead of thwarting every attempt to keep things from getting worse than they are.
    Since the schools have been pretty much destroyed probably none of these politicans ever heard of ‘Nero fiddling while Rome burned’.

  • David

    What more can we expect from liberal morons, especially one, who can’t seem to get the story straight about his service in Viet Nam. Also, why should we be surprised by these mindless fools living in luxury and expecting the average American tax payer to foot even more of the tax burden. Living in Texas we, for the most part, have good conservative representation (except of course for Gene Green and Shelia Jackson -never missed an opportunity to jump in front of a camera – Lee). Luckily they do not represent me. If people in other parts of the country don’t wake up in 2010 we sure are in for some misery………….

  • Frank DeMark

    Why do these people try to lie to get their way? They should be able to read and not go by what they think. Our power bill has almos tripled this last year and we are seeing the drop out of energy and medical cost going the roof. We don’t need to follow California’s way of life?

  • Gina

    I think we should place extreme taxes on each one of the congressional people especially the Democrats. They do not care about the American people. All they care about is themselves. There should be term limits. GET THEM OUT NOW (IMPEACH THEM). They should not even be there now. Our country is going to be so bankrupt by 2010, no one will be able to pull us back out of this mess.

  • p woods

    Cap & Trade is a jobs killer. As for a compromise on Cap & Trade….No!!!
    We need to Drill, Drill, Drill.

    Washington is so out of touch with what the American people want & need.

    It’s time to vote all of them out!

  • Senator Graham is behaving in the way that has made American citizens have a historically low opinion of Congress–willing to pass really bad legislation so he can claim a ‘victory’ for his side. His ‘side’ should be the American people and our welfare, and work for our well-being, rather than playing political dart games (we’re the target!)

  • I totally agree with your analysis, and I strongly object to the cap and trade legislation. In fact, it has not been demonstrated to my satisfaction that humans are having any significant effect on to “global warming.” This legislation will result in huge cost increases which are unwarranted.

  • Barry

    Senator Graham is a liberal. He is a Democrat in disguise and he will lose in 2010.
    The others are socialists and liars who want to tax America into poverty while they stay in power.

  • Darryl Hansen

    Bulldung is bulldung, especially when ejected from the mouths of two of the Dem’s biggest dung producers.

  • Ron McComas

    We don`t need no stinkin analysis, damn the torpedoes,full speed ahead..Same old lies,same old subterfuge to get their agenda passed, to pay back all the enviros back for supporting them. HERES a novel idea, take care of the people who YOU WORK FOR,the american public.

  • Rhonda

    This scam of Boxer and Kerry is one of the worst scams I have ever seen in my life. All they think about is getting money out of the American people. There is no such think as Global Warming and there is pollution but we don’t have half as much pollution as China and these other foreign states and they will not vote on no cap and trade crap. Kerry and Boxer need to put the Lord in their life and think about where are they going when they die, because I don’t think it will be much longer until the Lord comes back. We are Kerry and Boxer’s boss and we are the ones that are suppose to say whether we need cap and trade. We do not need a passed Cap and Trade Bill because that is nothing but a scam just like the government healthcare. They just want the government to have a little more control over us until they have us in the palm of their hands. That will never be, because the American people are very mad at what these loons are doing to us and we are going to rise up against and you sure don’t want the Conservative people to get more mad than what they are now. If Kerry and Boxer continue this scam bait crap there will be two more jobs open for vote next year. They need to think about this because this is what is going to happen.

  • craig boudreaux

    drill everywhere – alasaka, south dakota, off-shore. please drill and speed up the nuclear powerplants. i am for all kinds of energy. just keep the costs down, stop raising the taxes on it, and shut up the cap and trade talk. i could care less if we drill through the head of a baby polar bear to keep costs down. since when did we start caring more about an animal that would literally rip you to shreads and eat you than starving children in america. that is exactly what will happen. more and more children will go to bed starving, the only difference will be that their parent makes $50,000 a year and cannot afford food. what has happened to our country. wake up washington and listen to the words that are coming out of my mouth. if you want to run my life mr. obama, then cut my taxes to zero, pay my house note and car note and feed me and give me health care. do not tax me and say it is my fault people are poor. last time i checked, mcdonalds and taco bell were hiring and if you work hard and stay with that company you can end up making $90,000 a year as a manager. so no one is preventing people from becoming better until now. we want to blame someone why we are rich or better off. look in the mirror america and drill now and drill everywhere – keep my energy costs low.


    Let’s do the math … 1 first class postage per day is $0.44 … times 365 days … totals $160.60 … times 305,529,237 people (as of December 31, 2008) … comes to $49,067,995,462.20 (that’s billion) per year. For how long … forever? Somebody’s wheels have come off the cart. I just looked and they aren’t mine.

  • Don

    Who the hell do they think they are kidding, What abunch of imbeciles. Irt is time to vote the vermin out of officethe sooner the better, Tax and spend is all they know. We end up with the bill (TRILLIONS AND TRILLIONS) for dfecades to come, VOTE THEM ALL OUT and start anew.

  • Buck

    I always thought he and Jane Fonda would make a good couple. She could shoot our planes down and he could lecture them to death.

  • oscar kern

    That is all bull other third world countrys are doing nothing, so we should suffer!

  • Lon Massey

    We need to vote the bums out.

  • Mary

    So it is only going to cost us the price of a postage stamp? Well, let us each send them ONE postage stamp per year!
    These people are absolutely out of their minds! Those in power now are greedy, corrupt, power mad and hell bent on destroying America. Voting them out of office is the least we can do! But will voting them out change the laws they are passing now?
    I agree with the writer who said, “since i do not have health insurance please come put me in jail for that.”
    The ‘sheeple’ have been silent far too long. NOW is the time to stop this insanity!

  • We, as a nation, have allowed congress to dictate which of our national resources we use. Congress has not made good choices. Let us all realize the cap and trade is nothing more than a scam. If we used the resources available to us, we could stop importing oil, become energy sufficient, and not be in debt to countries that do not have our best interests.
    The cap and trade is nothing more than an effort by the socialists; including those in our government, to transfer wealth to the poor. Socialists have never learned you cannot make the poor rich by taking from the rich and giving to the poor. The way you make the poor rich, is teach them to behave like the rich. I am sure most know the saying, give a man a fish, you feed them for a day, teach a man how to fish, you feed him the rest of his life.
    The socialists know the saying, but fail to understand.

  • James

    The Cap and Trade thing is focused on a trumped up emergency to allow huge taxes to be put in place in the name of the environment. Our distinguished congressmen and women are such scientists that they can predict the climate and predict that we need congressional climate control through huge taxes to destroy our economy.

    There should be no comprimise on this matter. Howeve since the MSM will not report the facts , it is uphill battle.

    Im amazed that many congressmen and the media carry along with no real thought of what damage to the country they are causing.

  • albert p johnson

    i feel that over eighty percent of the hype about global warming in just what i am calling it hype. further more if we go for this without china and india etc joining in, we will have not acconmplished anything except sending jobs more and more to china and india. also guess who is getting real rich over this, no one but the biggest blowhard of all big al gore. we just have to vote all of these people out next nov election.


  • Heidi

    Liars!!! One more way to squeeze the American public out of more money. Time to clean house in 2010!!

  • Larry Berglof

    If the Republicans and the conservative right, in office, can’t do anything to stop or slow the Democrats and their relentless march towards over taxed Socialism, what the hell do you expect the American people to do? Short of voting the whole lot of you out of office I see absolutely no hope. Daily, I get E-Mails from Republican organizations and individuals telling me what the Democrats are doing, but I see NO ONE doing anything about it. Does anyone have a plan? If so, this might be the time to put it into action.

  • Al Wunsch

    This bill, like the healthcare bill, is a travesty on the citizens of the U.S. First of all, it is not an energy bill, it is a tax bill with green energy science projects as far as I am concerned. If the Iranian situation blows up and oil stops flowing, what will this country do? Any idiot knows that we must drill for oil/gas for that reason alone not to mention as a first step in a sound energy policy. Drilling for oil/gas would create jobs, keep energy dollars here in the U.S. and ensure that we don’t end up with an economic crisis because of a lack of energy. A sound energy policy would also push for nuclear power generation as well as other sources such as solar where it can be exploited. We should also shift to the use of natural gas for transportation if we want to address polution. The infrastructure for that would also support hydrogen as that technology comes around. If battery technology works, fine. The administration’s bill not only will kill the economy but will not significantly affect the environment. It is a typical liberal fraud. If this adminstration was really interested in “fixing” the energy/job problem, they would have experts get together to work out a sound energy policy. Instead we have Phd’s with their green science projects burning up millions of dollars.

  • Neil

    Sen. Kennedy’s quote of “lie after lie after lie after lie after lie” was misdirected at the Bush admin. and should have been directed to Boxer,Kerry and Waxman. I’ve been in the oil business a long time and especially remember the oil price drop in the 80’s that caused massive unemployment in the oil field and the scraping of thousands of good drilling rigs.Now the politicians are at it again.If the power hungry politicians would leave us alone,we could drill and develop our own reserves and be independent of foreign oil.Do you think for a minute that other competing nations are scraping their rigs,curtailing development and exploitation of their reserves? No they are not, they are laughing at us and getting in line to buy our rigs for their own use.

  • Vern Fisher

    I agree with everyone here and I feel the same way, there is n o such thing as Global warming. I don’t understand their thinking if that is what it is. I have to wear more warm clothing now than I ever did in the summer and spring of each year as a result of (Global warming) if that is the case it should be getting so warm that we stay in a cooler som place, what idiots we have in the so called Government or should I say hell hole.
    Lets all get together for the voting of all these idiots that need to be replaced even if you are a democrat. We need to recover our country for us.
    Thank God we are all intelligent people and need to run the stupid uneducated vermin out of office now.

  • Larry- Michigan

    Fact: 31,000 scientist have deunked the Global Warming THEORY, yet the
    media and politicans ignore them and they get no coverage. This is not about science its about politics. The goal of it is about WORLD SOCIALISM FIRST AND ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT SECOND. It is a transfer of money form the wealthy industrial nations to the developing ones. It is the biggest FRAUD ever perpertrated

  • Dave Thompson

    This cap and trade farce is a case of starting vast programs with half-vast ideas.

  • SoCalPal-San Diego

    We’re all stunned over this insanity. Unfortunately…..Our politicians and the National Education Association (NEA) have done an excellent job in dumbing down most of the last two generations. Any gaps they may have missed have been filled in by illegal aliens who can’t even speak our language! (thanks greedy employers).
    I’d say we’re all pretty well screwed, along with our Constitution and our Country.
    Greed of MONEY and the LUST for political power has sunk our ship. Oh…And as for me?
    I’d voice my opposition and disgust but the PC set would label me as a Threat to our Country. They’d probably label me a Racist too! (seems the two go hand in hand today.)
    I’m sure our Founding Fathers are soooo damn proud of us!

  • Ralph Burgess, Jr.

    I am totally against the Cap & Trade bill that’s being proposed. We don’t need it at all. I believe the true cost to we the people will be astronomical. I also believe it’s purely another power grab attempt by people that aren’t sympathetic to our Constitution and is, for them, an important part of the socialistic CHANGE they want.I’m also tremendously against any bills that arfen’t read or don’t have accurate costs presented BEFORE they go to vote by House or Senate. I believe it’s unconstitutional and representatives across the aisle need to challang it on that basis if it comes to a need for it. Lindsey Graham should know better than to suggest any negotiation for a comprimise. He should be working only to defeat it. He should also be promoting the drilling for oil on-shore, not only off-shore. We have a substantial amount of oil in the ground in North Dakota, Pennsyvania, Montana, Colorado, Utah and elsewhere, enough so that we could become oil independent within five years if we were to get a directive to do so. Based on information I’ve received, we have a great amount of oil, muchof which needs further technology to bring it up at reasonable cost., Being an engineer, myself, and knowing what we can do in this country if we’re given a good challange, it can be done. We have enough oil to last until we can develop the breakthroughs needed that will eliminate our dependency on oil for our major energy need. It will be a travesty to Leave our oil in the ground to never be used at a time when we really need it. Russia and Mexico would still be extremely poor if they didn’t have their oil. Chaves wouldn’t be such a pain in the ass if he didn’t have oil. Wake up America. I’m very dissapointed in Graham lately.

  • JoAnn

    Have all the Democrats gone nuts? It looks like they are trying to hit us from every angle hoping we’ll be looking the other way and won’t notice all the crap they are trying to pass. If they aren’t stopped soon, we will loose this country and won’t be able to get it back. They are trying to force something on the American people that no one else in the world will follow, which doesn’t make much sense for us. The few industries we have left will leave this country for friendlier environments elsewhere. They what will they do to support themselves and all the handouts.

  • Karen Kelly

    This is just another instance of Congress rushing into something before its been fully researched. Quite frankly, I’m sick and tired of all this garbage Congress is foisting off on Americans. The American public should be able to vote on everything Congress comes up with because Congress sure doesn’t have our best interests in mind while they are coming up with some of this garbage. Notice I keep saying garbage?? Voting Americans need to remember this when they are at the polls next and get some of these self-serving idiots out of office. A lot of Americans can’t afford all these “improvements” they are getting. I say they should all get a two year stint, then let somebody else have a go. They couldn’t do much worse. Well, then again, we have a president who is running amuck and spending money we don’t have, so there you have it. Apparently no common sense resides in any Democrat. I haven’t noticed any.

  • Eddie L

    Boxer and Kerry,
    Are “Waxmans” or Gods who believe that the American People should be punished as much as possible with taxation for all the wrong things they have done and all the bad decisions they have made, like using gasoline instead of riding bicycles. These are the people who make us pay taxes for the “Children(SCHIPPS)” then stand in the wells of Congress complaining that Children are dying because they don’t have Health Insurance. These people are drunk on wealth and power, Statist, Communist like Dunn, and make Madoff look like a sober person. Vote them out??? We would have no one left in Congress and those who take their place will be bought off before they take their oath.

  • Berenice

    I am no longer amazed at what these robots in Washington are trying to do to us. I am simply disgusted with all politicians and their agenda to dismantle the United States and turn it into a third world country as fast as possible. Unfortunately, because there are more liberal minded folks voting on our behalf in Washington than people with brains, all of their plans will come to pass. God has blessed America but I think because of our actions or inactions he recinding that blessing.

  • There is no man made global warming and Lindsay Grahamnesty can go screw himself.

  • Terry


  • John

    As a Veteran and an American I am disgusted by any comment or suggestion regurgitated by this poor excuse for a politician. He betrayed his fellow Veterans and that is all you need to remember. Rot in Hell.

  • Thanks for the trackback and a very well written piece!

  • Frank

    Nothing can or will be done until the next election .

  • Jeff Ducummon

    Barack Obama has said, during his ballyhoo for Obamacare, that some of the funds to finance it would come from cap and trade. It is a precursor to the world government/environmental redistribution of wealth (OURS) that he will try to sell to the Congress after the signs the Copenhagen debacle. And a general “slush fund” for his other hair-brained socialist agenda projects.

  • P. Kramer

    This liberal congress and our President don’t care what the majority of Americans think or what they want. These people are bent on destroying this country at any cost. The ONLY thing we can do is make sure that not one of them is re-elected. We need to vote in REAL conservatives during the next election who can dismantle everything the Democrats have done. God help us all.

  • Mary Birdsong

    No! to cap-and-trade! No! to Senator Graham’s so-called compromise! These clowns are in the process of totally destroying any hope of a real recovery of our economic system!

  • Pat

    As we all have learned by experience, most polititions are bald face liars. This is just another trick to raise taxes. We must all unite in our efforts to unseat senator or congressman who voted for this piece of crap. I am thoroughly disgusted with Washington and their suttle ways of taxing us more. We are taxed to death already. They waste most of the money sent to them. That witch Polosi does more to waste more fuel in a week than most autos in a month. She should be hung.


    Kerry is full of crap – Once a liar always a liar – Ben

  • Pat

    Please vote out all liars on congress.

  • Dennis V

    My God how is it that we have become so lacking of any common sense I know People like Kerry and Boxer are empty suits. They don’t have a clue how to be honest. Core is a total con artist. He just wants to get more and more rich. This is a job loser and let the rest of the world laugh at us while they will never go along with this insanity. We will be at such a disavantage. We really need to do an over haul of most of the Washington corrupt representatives. When will any kind of common sense prevail. Dennis

  • Dan

    One can only hope that we can get rid of the politicians that are in power at the moment.
    The problem is that so many of those that vote haven’t a clue why they are voting.
    What a shame to waste a vote.

  • Henry Hoskison

    This is the first time on this page,all 49 quotes are 1’000 percent correct!!!, WE SHOULD HAVE A MOTTO! ( I”LL VOTE MINE OUT) YOU VOTE YOURS OUT) ; THAT MEAN’S OBAMA TOO; HE IS OUR ENEMY; HANK OF CA.

  • Bolsterde

    Our politicians have become beholding to the environmental groups and they have been perpitrating this “carbon scam” which brings them a lot of money (tax free, no doubt). Just “follow the money” and those involved in this human caused climate change fraud can be exposed (Al Gore, plus many others). Plus, the democrat party leadership thinks they can force our conservation of energy fuel use by raising the costs to us. We should be better caretakers of the earth, air and water, however it is not a crisis as we are being told. Our immediate action should be to “fire” every supporter in Congress and Adminstration of “Tax & Trade bill” in the 2010 and 2012 elections…!

  • Joe marra

    I think the aliens have come here and are in the current administration.
    I know that we are not in America anymore. At least thats how I feel.
    Some great universal shift has taken place,what else could it be that makes these people so different from the rest of us??
    Think about it dont you feel like you have woke up and the world has changed just like that??!!!

  • Mary Ann Pavack

    What are they doing? Sell us out for no apparent reason, this bill sucks and there is now Global Warming!!!

  • Renee

    We have been taxed to death. Enough is enough! Kill this bill along with the ‘healthcare’ bill. If someone doesn’t stand up to this nonsense soon, America as we know it is gone. People who love freedom and liberty had better start writing, calling and letting their represenatives know where they stand. I say send them all home and start over!

  • Dan Curtiss

    At this time cap & tax is simply looting industry. Abolish personal income tax & greatly reduce corporate income tax. With these tax reduction prerequisites in place, I think a big carbon tax would be a “fair” tax for the Feds.

  • avery

    Graham is in untill 2014 unless he can be impeach.Kerry is as sorry pieces of crap.Vietnam vet.will never for give him.

  • Curmudgeon

    If you check all his statements during his tenure and before, you’ll note that Senator Kerry has never had more than a nodding acquaintance with the truth. Why should we believe anything he says now? And Boxer’s relationship with the Clinton clan seems to cloud her perspective more often than not.

    Just can’t figure out whether Graham is devious or just plain gullible; either way, not a good reason to keep him on our payroll.

  • Gore tells us we are going to burn up , the energy Czar says we are going to freeze to death, and both these phenomena are due to CO2. Hey boys let’s get your stories straight!!
    If these clucks need a villain in this climate catastrophe crap, why don’t they choose a more likely culprit; methane. Not a peep about that because what are they going to do, make termites purchase methane credits from Al Gore?

  • lisa noonan

    This CRAP AND TIRADE is a LIE. Just another smoke screen to take more of our finances and rid us of further FREEDOM. Loss of American freedoms and BONDAGE to the govt are what these people REALLY want. The shame is that SO MANY ARE MISINFORMED AND BELIEVE THE LIE. They allow the govt to spoon feed and shape their opinions. May the Dear LORD have mercy on us ALL.


  • David

    A cleansing of the U.S. Senate and Congress is long over-due. These folks have become so arrogant, divisive and power hungry that they don’t care about their Constitutional obligations and duties to the American people. They are simply stealing our liberties and our property through endless regulations and convoluted tax schemes. Cap and Tax is just the latest in a long line of unconstitutional takings devised by self-serving politicians who believe we work for them and we are too weak, stupid and pathetic to actually do anything to protect ourselves, our families and our liberties.

    It’s time to remind all members of our government – and wanna be politicians – who works for whom. It’s a non-partisan issue; we need to fire them all, start fresh and limit their terms through the ballot box. End the arrogant and greedy monarchy – now! Fire all incumbents of all parties; it’s the best way to take back our country and put it on the Constitutional path to minimum government and maximum individual freedom, liberty and success as intended by our Founders.

  • It is very strange to me that a few people can cause so much agony, we dont need Tea Parties we need the real Boston Tea Party and toss them overboard we need to rally and quit griping this is getting ridiculous they all need to go and now…..

  • Bill

    Cap & Trade will do nothing to lower global emissions. It will only hurt our country because other countries like China and India won’t enact or enforce the same laws. It will only amount to another taxation on citizens and businesses of the US. How have these members of Congress forgotten that they work for us, the American people. Lets show them we disapprove of their performance in 2010.

  • Shelba Holmes

    Boxer and Kerry are truly embarrassments to the national governing process. Seems to me there is something in the water in Washington that eats brain cells rapidly.

    There is no global warming crisis. There is a plan to redistribute wealth and power. The above mental lightweights are as good as any to push the agenda I guess.

  • D. L. Thompson

    Even knowledgeable EPA attorneys have debunked the cap & trade as an unnecessary and ill concieved legislation, particularly in the light of the real knowledge that exists regarding solar warming and the actual fact of global cooling starting to take place. Senator Kerry, as well as Al Gore, the principal promoter of totally corrupt “global warming facts” and the beneficiary of millions from this bunko number, both have a long history of disservice to America and this is another round.

  • Lorraine

    Thank you for providing facts about this man-caused global warming myth
    created by those who seem to be lining their own pockets, including
    Al Gore. I am a Republican and am very disappointed that Senator Lindsey
    Graham is supporting a “compromise” job killing tax-increasing obomination of a cap and trade bill with Sen. John Kerry. Just like health-care horror,
    it is attempted big-government takeover of our free-enterprise system.
    This country is in dire straights.

  • Howard Thorn

    When the citizens of the United States and the members of the Senate and Congress all operate under the same set of rules something might change. After reading the comments before me there is little I can add save for this; Politicians should remember that their service to the country is for the benefit of the country not for their own individual betterment. Polilticians are tantamont to physicians, they are supposed to work together (Honorably and Ethically) to keep the country and its citizens well, not to keep their party in control.

  • Jim Melia

    Cap and trade leaves us at a competitive disadvantge to the rest of the world. We will continue to lose manufacturing jobs until the government realizes that it is not a level playing field now, and to continue down this path will accelerate the decline in the standard of living in the US. China, India, and other low-cost manufacturing nations will not follow our lead, and will continue to pollute at a much higher level than the US.

    I am totally disgusted with the goverment and their failure to represent the people who elected them…

  • Anthony Marra

    I believe arguing about whether Kerry or Boxer have their stats right misses the major point that this whole cap and trade nonsensical bill is based on science fiction. There is no observational evidence that the earth is warming beyond the 1 degree per century that has been occuring since the Little Ice Age. There is no observational evidence that increases in atmospheric CO2 are due to human activity. There is no observational evidence that increases in CO2 cause increases in temperature in any significant way. It is all just pure bunk driven by radical environmentalists, the United Nations Re-distribution Of Wealth Agency (also known as the Intergovernmental Panel On Cliamte Change – IPCC) and agenda and financially driven kooks like Al Gore.

  • Joe Loughran

    I am totally against the bill and the left wing bull.

  • A subject of controversy for many years has been the extension of the Woolly Mammoth; a beast which roamed the northern plains for most of the last 2 million years or so, until just 10,000 years ago. It is generally agreed now that the mammoths died out from a combination of “climate change”, hunting pressure and probably disease.
    There is enough existing science available which debunks the climate change, global warming theory. So why do the likes of Obama, Cary, Boxer, and Pelosi……., continue to force the theory down our throats? Why are they hell bent on scrapping the economy of United States of America through purposed taxes and regulations the rest of the world does not or will not have to follow? Why have they devalued the Dollar to the point of absurdity?

    I truly believe their goal is total control of the citizens of the United States.

    Who will be the new World King or Queen?

  • Wayne Peterkin

    If one is truly interested in reducing greenhouse gas emissions rather than redistributing wealth, one would take sensible and concrete measures to do so. Cap-and-Trade is neither.

    Cap-and-Trade will do little or nothing to reduce emissions and will NOT usher in a new “green energy” economy. It WILL cost businesses and consumers huge sums of money and cost many jobs. It is simply insane.

    What makes sense is to encourage, as quickly as possible, new nuclear plant construction gradually phasing out fossil fuel power plants over time. Nuclear power is roughly 30% cheaper than coal per megawatt of power produced and is absolutely clean: zero emissions. It is also about 15-20% cheaper than natural gas. The only argument against nuclear energy is dealing with nuclear waste, and over 80% of that can be reprocessed eliminating most of that argument.

    If one is serious about reducing emissions from vehicles, we could be converting to compressed natural gas (CNG) right now which burns about 65% cleaner than gasoline and is cheaper. Natural gas is plentiful in North America and requires no refining. Widespread CNG usage as a transportation fuel can dramatically reduce oil consumption overall and pollution. A gradual conversion to CNG along with more domestic oil/gas drilling and production would eliminate our dependence on foreign oil and keep over 700 billion dollars a year at home working in our economy; all with no downside! Liquefied coal has potential as a diesel/home heating oil replacement further reducing oil usage. Even hybrids could burn CNG as easily as gasoline.

    These suggestions would dramatically reduce “greenhouse gas” emissions and reduce energy prices for consumers and businesses alike. No new technology is needed. Furthermore, economical energy would be plentiful for economic growth. There is absolutely no valid reason for opposing them unless your goal is more government control and social engineering rather than really solving our energy issues while reducing pollution.

    Solar and Wind power have the potential to supplement more stable energy sources, not replace them. Coal is both expensive and dirty; clean coal will be more expensive. Ethanol is expensive and inefficient to make, is a far less efficient fuel than gasoline, and can currently only be made from food sources which increase food costs. Electric vehicles are practical for short-range use only and are not likely to ever be practical as an only vehicle for most consumers. Hydrogen fuel-cells have long term potential but are expensive and not yet practical for widespread use.

    The bottom line is that we have the solution to our high-volume energy needs and pollution problems available right now if we would simply use them. Sadly, we could have been doing this for over 30 years already. Nuclear power and CNG are today’s answers for today’s energy problems and will serve us well for many years to come.

  • Rick DeBeer

    Senator “Unfit for Command” is a liar, a weasel, a communist, creep, a jigalow, a traitor and just plain stupid. And we should listen to anything this jerk says why?

  • Fred Crosby

    Roughly 50,000,000 Bison expelling Methane out of one end and Carbon Dioxide out of the other didn’t destroy the planet. If we allow them the Socialists in office expelling BS out of both ends will manage to do so.

  • gene

    Well lets see, I just got layed off, I was making $700 a week take home, I lost my med. insurance. I get $1200 a month from unemployement, My medicine costs me $500 a month but I get too much from unemployement to qualify for medical. My rent is $800 a month. So if I buy my medicine in which I will die without (type 1 Diabetic) I wont be able to pay my rent. If I pay my rent, phone bill and car insurance I wont be able to buy my medicine or food. I could sleep in my car except I am in Alaska so would have to leave engine running all night at fast idle to keep from freezing to death and hope the wind direction doesnt change and blow the exhaust in through the heater and kill me. Of course my employer didnt go by seniority and kept people who are not qualified like I am 42 years experiance and either #1 or 2 in production. But I make more money then the ones he kept. Plus with gas at $359 a gallon I probably wouldnt be able to run the engine all night or I would run out of money to buy gas. Of course with our new health plan by the government I would be fined and jailed because I couldnt afford to buy health insurance. Of course if we drilled for oil the cost of gas would go down greatly and everyone would have more money to spend at the stores so the economy would turn around IE more sales more jobs. Throw the government out and start over with people who will abide by the Constitution.

  • The core problems are these:

    1. This Administration are accountants but are not numerate where business spreadsheets and engineering pro formas are concerned.
    2. They have not consulted with the key industries which actually provide the electric power, fuels, and related infrastructure.
    3. Mr. Reagan stopped double-digit inflation in 1982 after spending two years looking at the problem (which is what it took to sort out what was going on) by simply doubling the Social Security contribution while deregulating, not increasing regulatory pressures on businesses. That amounted to a 7-1/2% tax increase for all Americans.
    4. This is about not having a tax revenue stream to cover current commitments. It has nothing to do with energy issues. The Fed’s are broke and the energy industry appears to have deep pockets.
    5. The Medical Plan and the cap-and-trade bill together amount to a de facto 4 to 5% tax increase for all Americans.
    6. After 31 years in project cost estimating in the power plant industry, I can tell you that no one, I mean no one, hates engineers and construction people more than politicos, humanities majors, poli sci majors and government bureaucrats. We are galley slaves to them, and they are the drum beaters. It is a classic case of class warfare waged by…socialists, the “workers’ friend,” people who would not be caught dead on a jobsite! LOL

    All anyone in government had to say was “We’re broke. We are running out of money. We need this much from our fellow Americans. Yes or no?”

    Please don’t insult Communism by accusing Senator Kerry of being one. I fought against NVA regulars during the Viet Nam conflict and the marched hundreds of miles on handsful of rice carrying 200-lb mortar baseplates and 100 lb sections of Katyusha rockets just to get a piece of us, and they actually believed in something, however evil.

    This man believes in nothing except what he can get away with. In Biblical terms, “He carries his G_d in his hands.” As for Mr. Obama, I feel he is a Zombie Calvin Coolidge baffled and careworn with trying to sort out what is going on and how to deal with it because he is out of his league, which serves the Kerry’s of this world admirably well in furthering their totalitarian designs.

    You have no idea what contempt the “ruling class” has for us peasants here and now in America. They would use us for skeet shooting practice for a lark if they thought they could get away with it. If you don’t believe it, if you have a daughter working her way through college waiting tables in a nice restaurant in Boston or Washington D.C., she can surely set you straight. This is the New Weimar Republic transplanted to the USA, except the heroin, cocaine, and marijuana usage is higher than in 1920’s Germany.

  • Al

    Americans are broke for the most part. Who is going to pay for this farce? How come India and China and many 3rd world countrys do not have to meet the same standards as us? What do you think this will do to our job market which is already in ruin? Why is Pelosi allowed to pollute the air with her huge jet every day like she does? Enough said!

  • Gerry Mauriz

    Congress and the President should focus their attention on the economy and providing jobs for the American people. All this spending and taxing they are proposing or actually implementing will only weaken the economy further and then we will not be able to afford to do anything. They should also look at these issues rationally and not through their ideological bias. The science is not clear that we are in fact in a warming cycle much less that man is the main culprit. We are being made less and less competitive with the rest of the world and we are losing our confidence in the future. The President and Congress are not providing real leadership to move the nation forward, all you hear is how they have to fix all these problems they “inherited” and the fix is always more government control, more spending, more taxes. At the same time the politicians exempt themselves from the burdens they place on the rest of us and protect the tax cheats in their midst.

  • John Evans Jr.

    John Kerry is not a man to let the facts or the truth get in the way of the story he wants to tell.

  • Debbie Goins

    I can’t believe they’re still even discussing the cap and trade – or health care. They brazenly disregard what the American public expressed to them at tea parties, in emails, petitions, etc. Someone mentioned that the politicians want to make the poor rich by taking from the rich. I bet they know all the loopholes so they don’t have to pay! Duh! They legislate the loopholes. They don’t care about the poor, they just keep handing them crumbs so they can get their votes. It’s all about wealth and power. They don’t care about what happens to America. Our media goes right along with them. Wish they would follow the money on all these scams to find out who is to profit (GORE and more). You can’t even trust the news most of the time. They cover for the politicians who’ve duped us out of so much money that it doesn’t matter what happens to America – they’ll still be sitting pretty. They don’t really care about illegal aliens, minorities, the poor, or the environment. It’s all a ploy to keep the power. We definitely need term limits and we need to clean house. The Republicans didn’t take care of business when they had the chance, the Democrats are handing us over to whoever on a golden platter and we are so nicey-nice and politically correct that we allow extremists to remain in our military and endanger the very men and women who want to protect us. We half-heartedly fight wars when we could just go in there and get the job done. Quit pussy-footing around or get out of it all! The worst thing about being constantly lied to by our politicians is that they believe we’re stupid enough to believe them – it’s insulting. Unfortunately, there must be lots of people who are apathetic, pathetic, or plain old stupid. Otherwise, how did they get in office – more importantly, how do they STAY in office!!! VOTE THEM OUT AND START WITH A CLEAN SLATE!!! We probably better do that, because big brother is watching the internet, too. If they stay in power much longer we could go to jail for these things that we think and say…

  • marie davis



  • Carol

    We have to stop these liberals who are trying to streamroll over the whole country. The people have got to rise up STRONGLY and let them know we won’t be under their rule, nor submit to it. The liberals need to obey and abide by the Constitution.

    God Bless America and may God help us to take back the land!


  • Gordon Anderson

    Why is it that almost all METEOROLOGISTS ( the people who specialize in weather) do not buy the Global Warming/Change arguments and say it’s way to early (if ever)to trust that humans are the cause of any change??????

  • Ben Anixter

    Climate change is natural and has been going on for eons. Man has no effect on climate. We have more to fear form cooling than warming as history has aptly shown, if you know history. Climate change legislation is hysteria and a power grab by those who would want to control our lives. This hysteria is worse than the ignorance during the middle-ages when the church vilified the idea that the earth went around the sun. The church was protecting their power too.

  • Thomas S

    Cap and Trade, Gov. Healthcare, etc.
    Our Government isn’t trying to fix something, they are raising taxes (or as they now say fee’s) on all. The Dem’s are using trickle down economics, impose taxes (fee’s) on business and the end user pays.

    Now that the Government is bankrupt, will Obama and Congress demand that they give back 90% of their pay? Nope – we’ll impose a few taxes, excuse me fee’s.

    This is about money, its always been about money. Obama and Congress, we pay you more than the average American, earn your pay and by spending less than we are already paying in FEE’s and TAXES.

  • Duane

    It is clear to me that these two idiots, have no idea at all what they are talking about. No one has ever died in a greenhouse. Greenhouses are where you buy plants and fruits and vetables to eat and to grow in your own garden. Women have plants in their homes all the time to help keep the air fresh and of course, because they like them and they pretty up the rooms. One person said that cardon dioxide is part of life and so is cardon moixide and he is right. This plantet would surely die and everyone on it if we didn’t have both. When they started coming out with this trash in the late 60’s and early 70’s, I knew then that they were lying to us. Not a one of them understands simple science, just a bunch of crack pots!!!

  • As long as we are all in the mood, here is something to brighten the day a bit:

    Where can we get these hilarious T-shirts?

  • There are some hard scientific facts that we can get from studying and reading. There is good news but something of a surprise:

  • Michael R. Smith


  • Art Barkman

    This legislation – “cap and trade” – is economic treason. There are appropriate punishments for treason. Shouldn’t we all be contacting our “reppresentatives” that message?

  • John Anderson

    Can’t read all these comments, but here are some facts for you – The NWO is staged for a treaty signing in December. IF Obama joins, the USA becomes subordinate to the NWO council. (I.E. – can over-rule our constitution. This has been in the news) Maybe this organization can convince China and India to reduce emissions. I agree – I don’t think so either. When Obama said, “We need to drill here, drill now during his campaign”, was he lying, again? It appears so. Now, for the kicker. Obama just closed the Yucca Nuclear Waste site in Nevada. Power plants have no where to dump their waste. It won’t be long and local communities are going to cry out for them to stop producing and storing this waste in their areas. “Don’t let a good crisis go to waste.” Opinion of Obama’s staff, Czars, and Queen Obama’s staff (how many and counting?)

  • Gill F

    Lets see, 10.2% unemployment, that with TARP was supposed to be held in check at 8%, and an administration telling us they are saving jobs. A trillion dollar healthcare bill on the table, (thats trillion with a “T”), that by the way funds are going to be collected before programs begin. To top this all off our out of control administration and his band of left wing loonies have come up with Cap and Trade (ought to be called “CRAP AND TAX” if you ask me). According to our own govenment agencies, this program will cost the average American family over $1,500.00 per year and according to other government agencies will have no impact on “climate change”.

    To summarize, Billions for banks, insurance companies, government motors, to save the ecomony, and unemployment grows. Trillions for healthcare, and an energy tax to boot that will do nothing but increase energy costs. I am stupid here or does this just seem way out of wack? Cap and Trade is the worst, I repeat worst peice of garbage to come out of Washington. But you know what they say, Garbage in… Garbage out. We got what we elected, and I sure hope the independent voters in the next election swing the axe and get rid of the elite, leftist loony toons. Or to put it in simple terms,

  • Fred Korte

    This crap and tax will kill America as we know it.Keep up the fight iam doing everthing that I can do. As I know we need all the help this crapp and stop BHO from killing this country.

  • Warren Loucks

    While Capitalism has a few faults, it is still the greatest ecoconomic systenm ever devised. We must stop BHO from trying to destroy it.

  • Steve Martin

    Although I will continue to make the phone calls to deaf ears, and send e-mails in protest of their lousy, unconstitutional, and power grab bills. I, at least in the state of Washington have come to the conclusion that the only fix is to vote the criminals out. Virtually every one of them needs to find a new job!!

  • These Dems including Obama don’t care about truth. They lie to push their Marxist agenda, which Cap and Trade is just one item. I’m glad there are facts to disprove Kerry’s lies about needing cap and Trade. Kerry is the hater of our soldiers in Vietnam, Iraq, etc. Remember what he and other scoundrel democrats said, ‘I voted against funding the Iraq war before I voted for it’). He and other Dems, including Obama, only voted for funding so he could get thru his pork barrel wasteful spending, and stopped Bush’s line item veto. Let’s beat him when he comes up for election. Call friends and relatives in Massachusetts to vote against him. And don’t buy Kerry’s wife’s Heinz products. For that matter don’t buy Coca Cola, they outsourced 1,000 jobs in Tampa to India, and Hershey sent 1,500 jobs to Mexico. Pass it on it will help our cause.

  • Stella Canfield

    Where did these people go to school. Their egotism is getting the best of them and is hurting our country. No socialism for my family and all this is causing so much grief to families all over. I see them doing all of this with a purpose of having international power over all of us deliberately. I was in the last depression so I am worried about all of my family and kinfolk that are long time decendents from those that fought for our country and established our freedom for over 200 years and now they are walking all over our constitution. How can we sharge them with treason? That is what it is. Can we send something to the Supreme Court and hope their judges cannot overcome the ones that are for the Constitution. Surely someone there has some sense of being a true Aaberican/

  • Dick Collett

    Unfortunately our liberal Federal Legislators have been living in a land of political “make believe” for a number of years, and with the 2008 elections they -Gore, Kerry, Boxer,etc. finally have a chance to dupe the American piblic. Honest science has proven the Cap and Trade data to be ficticious, and why the States have not started offshore drilling is beyond me. Yes, there is a need for additional Nuclear energy, and wind and solar energy systems do have a place, as does clean coal fired generating plants. But the Marketplace will decide how much of each is cost effective. Our capitalistic system does not need the Federal Government bureaucrats to control the planning. Senator Graham is a South Carolina turncoat who continues to play the “political game”, hoping for some Federal benefit to come his way!

  • Donnie

    I, like many rational thinking Americans, realize that Kerry, Boxer, Frank, Reid, Polosi and, of course the annointed one Barry Obama, are out for one thing and that is to control the lives of the American people. We, by their standards are not capible of making good decision for our own lives. There are those that have given over the responsibility and quality of their lives to the government. What a sad state of affairs they must be. It’s a sad day in America when we will not stand up and fight for what is our God given right to freedom.

    To tax us on all the things the Dems want to will destroy the America that most of us grew up knowing. If we speak out they call us radical. Their efforts to demonize us are failing. We have always taken the high road and not made a big deal out of it, but the time has come to stand up and be heard even if it means standing their throats to do it. These people don’t understand nice. We will never be able to vote Kerry and Frank and Polosi out of offic because their constituents are just crazy as they are, but in the more sane areas of America we can vote people on that can keep them in check. I am sick and tired of the crazyness this administration is doing. I am going all in on getting the crazies out of office.

  • Judy Manuel

    I struggle to understand how our elected officals that are supposed to represent the values of our constitution have mananged to become so detached from the basic principles of country. This is an unconsititutional piece of legislation and has no benefit. I think these politicians should be forced to live in another country like England with cap & trade and national healthcare and be forced to use the systems they are attempting to force upon us. At least for now, I still have the freedom to post my opinion without retribution. Thank God. Yes, I said God.

  • Marilyn M

    I have said for years that they need to put term limits on congress just as the president has! I have been saying for several years that these people are just plain crazy and they are driving the rest of the country crazy with their idiocy! In a years time BO has run us into debt that totals more than all of the other presidents put together, including Washington! Frightened small business into slowing down and the unemployment is rising like a rocket! Bo has said he would do what FDR did in the 30’s! Well, I lived through that and what FDR did DID NOT WORK! He came into office in 1932 and we did not get out of it until around 1955! Things had started to get better just prior to his election! His own Secretary of Treasury said it was a terrible debacle. WHEN YOU ARE IN DEBT YOU CANNOT GET OUT BY SPENDING MORE AND MORE MONEY! As a retired RN I am angry and also really scared at the prospect of our healthcare system being completely thrown out and this stupid idea congress has to replace it. IT WILL NOT WORK AND WILL COST THREE TIMES AS MUCH!!! As far as “cap and trade” I said from the beginning it was all a big farce for them to tax the people to death and line their own pockets! I have never seen such a mess in my long life!!! I agree they ALL need to be kicked out with maybe 4 or 5 exceptions! This so called president needs to be impeached as well!

    d NOT WORK! He came in office in 1932 and we did not get out of the depression until 1955!

  • Cap and trade is a power grab ,It has nothing to do with the Hoax of Global Warming or the environment it the one of the steps to losing more of our freedoms. Soft Tyranny straight up.

  • Welcome to the next phase of the actions of the most CORRUPT government/white house in the history of the United States Republic !

  • j

    With so many of us directly opposed to everything those idiots in Washington are doing to this fine country of ours…….how in the world did they get there in the first place and how in the world are we going to get rid of everyone of them!!! VOTE people VOTE and know who you are voting for!!!
    Also isn’t there some sort of legal IMPEACHMENT exercises which can be enacted??? If so, lets unite and take action NOW instead of just complaining!!!

  • I sent the below message to both Hawaii Senators:

    Dear Senator Akaka:
    Senator Boxer lied when she said that a “full-blown analysis” by the EPA has been done when in fact Ms. Jackson of the EPA says at least another 40 days are needed to do the analysis.

    The real fact is: greenhouse gas emissions increased far slower in the 2000s than the 1990s. According to data from the Energy Information Administration,[1] U.S. carbon dioxide emissions increased by 15.14% between 1990 and 1999, but from 2001 to 2008 carbon dioxide emissions only increased by 1.88%. If Senator Kerry (Kerry/Boxer Bill) were correct, U.S. carbon dioxide emissions would have increased by 60.5% over the last 8 years, but they only increased by 1.88%. Senator Kerry overestimated U.S. emissions by a factor of 32. He is one author of the Kerry-Boxer cap-and-trade energy tax legislation. If our leaders can’t stick to the basic facts to support their argument for a national energy tax, and the lead authors of the bill are this far off the mark on “the reason” Congress needs to pass it, the validity of their estimates on how much the bill will cost our nation’s already-struggling economy is seriously suspect.

    Please Senator Akaka, weight the facts. More troubling, Senator Lindsey Graham is working with Senator Kerry on a “compromise” in which Senators’ would accept the cap-and-trade plan in exchange for “opening new areas for offshore drilling.” This would have been a bad compromise last year, but given the fact that the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) is now open—and has been since Congress allowed its ban on offshore drilling to expire on October 1, 2008—it appears to be an even worse compromise this year. If the compromise is anything like the plan offered last year in the months before the Congressional ban on drilling in 85 percent of the OCS was set to expire, the only thing we’d be compromising is the progress we’ve already made. That’s because that plan would have created a permanent ban on drilling in 78 percent of our offshore areas—areas that are now open. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what the compromise may be. The long-term costs cap-and-trade legislation would inflict on our economy and our way of life would be so devastating, that no compromise – offshore drilling or anything else – would justify its passage.

    I do hope you carefully weigh the facts before you vote. We in Hawaii are especially susceptible to fluctuations in fossil fuel prices. Yours for America,

    Samuel M. Smith

  • Milton M. Hobbs

    All the coal, oil and gas that has ever existed on the earth required that plant life grow in abundance and then be buried with water present amd subjected the great pressure exerted by the water and earth above.
    Therefore all the carbon contained in all the earth’s buried hydrocarbons must have received their carbon by photosynthesis from the carbon dioxide in the early earth’s atmosphere. So if we keep burning hydrocarbons to run our vehicles and power plants we will simply be helping the atmosphere return to its original state as regards carbon dioxide content.
    Enrichment of the atmosphere with carbon dioxide helps the production of food and tree crops which in return produce oxygen which we need to live.
    In conclusion, rather that worrying about “global warming” or “climate change” we should be working to rid our government, schools and churches of ungodly leaders

  • Don coe

    I wish Senator Graham, and every other so-called Republican would quit trying to “compromise” anything with the these radical leftist Democrats. All they want is power and control of Americans lives and purses. It’s time the Republicans got back to the basic Conservative principles we hired them to uphold. Don’t they realize that to a Democrat, there is no such thing as ‘bipartisanship’? It’s their way or no way!

  • j. mckinley

    the compromise is unacceptable.

  • Vinnie

    Senator Graham is just another RINO!! The sooner we un-elect these idiots, the better. We need to dump all imcumbents at each election until the rest who seek public office get the message. If YOU keep electing your local Senator or Congressperson because they did you a “constituent service”. (which you probably didn’t need), YOU DESERVE WHAT YOU GET!!!

  • How many “COAL FIRED PLANTS” is it that CHINA is building each week??

    Cap and Trade (TAX) will be the finish for what little production is left in America! Can you all remember the “MADE IN AMERICA” labels that we simply took for granted..

    Meanwhile, where are your kids going to work? They will have acquired these huge loan/debt obligations to pay for their education.If they don’t speak Mandarin Chinese, oh well, can’t go there to work, right??

  • B. Pickering

    We all know that the global warming stuff is garbage. The Dems know it too. As has been said many times it is about power and control. The idea that B.Boxer or John Kerry know more than the masses, let alone any individual I know, is a joke, but for another time. With morons like Lindsay Graham still polluting the Republican party and the hopes of conservatives, what can we do but what we have been doing (Contacting our “Representatives”,tea parties, marches on Washington, etc.)? Keep it up, plus, vote as many of the bums out. Harry Reid is already trying to save his butt in NV with adds about his service and benevolence. Let none of us forget the left turn so many of our Reps have taken given the chance. No honor whatsoever, only a corrupt thirst for control. Keep up the noise!

  • B. Smith

    Cap and Trade, and Congress are more full of noxious gases than the atmosphere. Let’s fire about 90% of the people in Washington and start over.
    Oh, and lets follow the Constitution this time. What an idea.

  • John S.

    This is the biggest tax increase in American history and will do nothing for the environment. Any living human is a CO2 emitter? This is just a big power grab at American freedom, and we can’t let this happen. I have noticed that some seem to think that we have a two party system. That used to be the case, but no more, there isn’t a real big difference anymore, now we have Republicrats. I say vote them out for politicians who uphold the founding principles and the Constitution. Even the crooked judges in your states. Don’t take this judge thing lightly.

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  • Kramer

    I think the author of this story needs to be careful, Kerry said “greenhouse gaseS” which probably includes other emissions.

    Here are the other greenhouse gases caused by humans:

    Carbon dioxide (CO2)
    Methane (CH4)
    Nitrous oxide (N2O)
    Industrial Gases:
    Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs)
    Perfluorocarbons (PFCs)
    Sulfur hexafluoride (SF6)


    • admin

      Sen. Kerry was indeed referring to total greenhouse gases. Unfortunately, he was also referring to total greenhouse gases “over the last eight years”, and since EIA only has data for total emissions through 2007, we used carbon dioxide emissions only. EIA is expected to release the 2008 data for total U.S. emissions in early December.

      Having said that, carbon dioxide emissions between 2007 and 2008 decreased by 2.6 percent, and it is likely the recession lead to decreases in other greenhouse gases as well. Whether we use carbon dioxide emissions or total greenhouse gas emissions, Sen. Kerry’s statement is fatally flawed.

      Sen. Kerry said “over the last eight years, emissions in the U.S. in greenhouse gases grew four times as fast as they did in the 1990s.” If we look at total greenhouse gas emissions, using the data EIA has published, from 1990 through 1999, total greenhouse gas emissions increased by 12.4 percent and from 2000 through 2007 total greenhouse gas emissions increased by only 3.4 percent.

      For Sen. Kerry’s statement to be accurate, the 2008 data for “other” greenhouse gas emissions would have to show an increase of more than 300 percent between 2007 and 2008. And given the fact that U.S. emissions of other greenhouse gases have increased by roughly 3 percent over the last 27 years, it is unlikely that the updated data will bolster the validity of Sen. Kerry’s statement.

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  • sandra brown

    I live on $602 disability plus $94 SSI a month. I can not afford another $14 to $15 dollars a month(a postage stamp a day)cost! Thank you for your organized effort to stop this insanity.

  • Phil Bolles

    C’mon. Do you really expect a politician with an agenda to tell the truth? Lying is their stock-in-trade. How else could legislation be passed?

  • Sadly, people, there is but one real way to stop the insanity that pervades our legislative system, and that is to VOTE these lying, self-seeking, power-hungry people out of office. Do you know that over 90% of our legislators get voted in again and again, and then the people who voted them in WHINE about their dishonesty and ineptness and corruption in the House and Senate. FIRE THE RULING CLASS!!! We need term limits, obviously, as we have enabled our politicians to become lukewarm and power hungry as they become CAREER politicians. Only a handful remain honest and truly representative of the people who elect them. Why is everyone so afraid to elect new Legislators?????

  • Let’s be bipartisan, fire all of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Myrna Maseth

    December 2, 2009

    I call this the CRAP & CON bill.

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